DIY Cousin Itt Addams Family Halloween Prop

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy Halloween craft? Try this DIY Cousin Itt Halloween Prop.

If you remember, in Addams Family, there was a weird character called cousin itt. This was one of my favorite characters in the series.

This guy’s entire body was covered with long hairs. And he was just wearing a bowler hat and sunglasses.

He is a funny looking spooky prop that you definitely want to add in your Halloween decorations this year.

In this post, I’ll show you how you can create this simple Addams Family Halloween prop with some inexpensive supplies from Dollar Store.

How to make cousin itt with a tomato cage?

Making cousin Itt is pretty much easy. You can easily find these supplies on Dollar Store or Amazon.

  • Tomato cage
  • Hula grass skirt
  • Black bowler hat
  • Sunglasses
diy cousin itt tomato cage
Image credit: Satomi Tanigawa (Facebook)
diy cousin itt hulu skirt
Image credit: Sheri Counts (Facebook)


Starting from the middle ring of the tomato cage, on each end of the skirt there is a tie, take one end and tie it to the supporting wire of the tomato cage.

Then wrap the grass skirt around the tomato cage’s outer rings and hot glue it. You can add more layers of grass skirt to make it look fuller.

On the top part of the tomato cage, you need to bend the supporting wires of the tomato cage to sit the hat. With the help of a plier, bend the cage wire inward.

For the top part, roll the grass skirt and tie a knot around using a string. Then flip it and place it at the top of the tomato cage. Spread the grass evenly to get the perfect look.

Next, place the bowler hat at the top and figure out the position of eyes to attach sunglasses.

Once you find the perfect spot, tuck the sunglasses and zip tie them or attach it with a tape.

And it’s done!

You can take inspiration to make your own cousin itt Halloween prop from some of these ideas.

diy cousin itt addams family halloween prop
Image credit: Christine Leibold (Facebook)
diy cousin itt prop
Image credit: Derek Burns (Facebook)
addams family halloween cousin itt
Image credit: Michele Monteith Wyatt (Facebook)
diy cousin itt halloween
Image credit: Brenda Velna Bello (Facebook)
diy cousin itt decorations
Image credit: Robyn Smothers (Facebook)
cousin itt diy halloween decorations
Image credit: Barb McCuen (Facebook)

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