15 Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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Elf on the shelf is a fun Christmas tradition that everyone enjoys, especially kids.

Elves are mischievous; they like to try their hands at baking, enjoy fishing in the sink, or sometimes play with toilet paper.

You must make sure the naughty elves are doing something funny that brings a smile to the face of kids when they wake up in the morning.

Though it’s a fun game, coming up with a new idea every time, especially for 24 days, is challenging. You need to be creative.

If you’ve run out of new ideas, or looking for a last-minute Elf on the shelf ideas, you’re in the right place!

Because in this post, I’ve compiled a collection of hilarious Elf on the shelf ideas that your kids will love in this festive season.

Before the Elf reports to Santa, let’s dig in!

It’s a Twin girl

elf on the shelf ideas 1
Photo Credit: Jennifer Cardenas (Facebook)

Taking Bubble Bath

elf on the shelf ideas 2
Photo Credit: Lori Bradley (Facebook)

Found a Cool Ride

elf on the shelf ideas 3
Photo Credit: Krystal Lynn (Facebook)

Stay in Shape

elf on the shelf ideas 4
Photo Credit: Antoinette Smith (Facebook)

He Got Sprinkles

elf on the shelf ideas 5
Photo Credit: Brittany Oliver (Facebook)

Apple Juice or Something Else?

elf on the shelf ideas 6
Photo Credit: Madi Landeros (Facebook)

Camp Fire

elf on the shelf ideas 8
Photo Credit: Jodi Meekins (Facebook)

AA Meeting

elf on the shelf ideas 9
Photo Credit: Brandi Cheyenne (Facebook)

Take Elfie

elf on the shelf ideas 10
Photo Credit: Courtney Minister Herrington (Facebook)

Sprinkles Snow Angle

elf on the shelf ideas 11
Photo Credit: Ashley Nicole (Facebook)

Your Breakfast is Ready!

elf on the shelf ideas 12
Photo Credit: Jami Peters (Facebook)

Toilet Paper Snowflakes

ezgif.com png to webp converted 3
Photo Credit: Rachael Elizabeth (Facebook)

Ginger House

elf on the shelf ideas 14
Photo Credit: Brooke Marshé (Facebook)

Joking With Eggs

elf on the shelf ideas 15
Photo Credit: Angel Guerra (Facebook)

Inside Snowman

elf on the shelf ideas 13
Photo Credit: Lisa Markins (Facebook)

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