18 Scary Outdoor Halloween Decorations For Front Yard

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Halloween is just around the corner, if you’ve still not figured what to make for your front?

Then you’re at the right place.

Because in this post, I’ve rounded up some scary outdoor Halloween decorations for the front yard that will spook your guests.

As a kid, I was always excited about Halloween. Especially, the indoor and outdoor decorations. Sure, you can use those store-bought decorations, but they can never match the fun of homemade Halloween decorations.

These DIY Halloween decorations are easy to make using Dollar store items. Here you’ll find creepy spider, witch with cauldron, scarecrow, spooky tree monster and a lot of skeleton decoration ideas.

Without any further delay, let’s dive in!

DIY Pumpkin King Yard Decorations

outdoor halloween decorations front yard 4
Photo credit: Kylie Shanahan (Facebook)

Pumpkin king can be an interesting Halloween display idea for the front yard. You can build it with a PVC frame and cover it with pool noodles to give it a creepy look.

Pumpkin Scarecrow

cheap outdoor halloween decorations
Photo Credit: Brandi Velotta Arnspiger (Facebook)

For the scarecrow body, you have to make a PVC pipe frame. Fix it on the ground with help of a rebar. Add a large pumpkin head on top of it.

Take a few long branches and zip tie them to form arms, going up. Also, add some dry corn stalks. Cover the scarecrow with a shredded black creepy cloth or a burlap you can easily get from Amazon.

Skeleton Climbing House

outdoor halloween decorations front yard 2
Photo Credit: Cesar Benavides (Facebook)

A gang of skeletons attacking a house is always a scary Halloween decoration. You can attach these skeletons on walls and windows with zip ties and wire.

Giant Skeleton and Werewolf

diy halloween decorations outdoor yard
Photo Credit: Kim Jones (Facebook)

Decorate the yard with 12 foot pumpkin skeleton and werewolf, you can find them at your nearest Home Depot.

Packing Tape ghost Witches

dollar store halloween decorations outdoor yard
Photo Credit: Niki Tiki (Facebook)

Another great DIY idea to decorate the front yard is creating these ghost witches with packing tape. They really looks cool and the best part, they glow at night to give a spooky effect.

Dolls In Cauldron

easy outdoor halloween decor
Photo Credit: June Pendergast (Facebook)

In this creepy Halloween decoration, the doll’s body parts are put together using spray foam in a cauldron.

Skeletons Hanging Out in Outdoors

outdoor halloween decorations front yard 3
Photo credit: Sandra Baracosa Elliott (Facebook)

Try this funny skeleton set up for outdoors, a unique way to display your skellies.

Cemetery Gate Entrance

outdoor halloween decorations front yard 1
Photo credit: Rosie Campbell (Facebook)

Transform your yard with a cemetery gate entrance with cracked pillars. Learn how to create it.

DIY Cemetery Pillars

outdoor halloween decorations front yard 6
Photo credit: Peter Thomas (Facebook)

If you’re considering a graveyard for the front yard, then these cemetery pillars with weathered look is a must.

Lawn Witches With Cauldron

ezgif.com gif maker 9
Photo Credit: Shannon Frick (Facebook)

Lawn Witch

ezgif.com gif maker 10
Photo Credit: Stephanie Hillyard (Facebook)

Animated Witch

Halloween decorations outside witch
Photo Credit: Gayle Levra (Facebook)

This funny talking witch can be a main attraction for your front yard. You can find her at Home Depot.

Spooky Tree Decoration

outdoor halloween decorations
Photo Credit: Janette Driscoll (Facebook)

For those who love to crafting things, this creepy tree can be a great project. You can use a cardboard tube as a base, then use spray foam to make it look creepy. Add some skulls and spray paint it green at the bottom.

Giant Spiders

outdoor halloween decorations diy spider
Photo Credit: Cheri Rae (Facebook)

Spider Web Outdoor Decorations

outdoor halloween decorations front yard 5
Photo credit: Stacy Willis Long (Facebook)

You can create a giant spider web using a beef netting and cut lots of holes into it with scissor.

This material is super stretchy, so you can attach the ends of these spider web on trees, lawn with hooks and landscape staples. They look awesome.

outdoor halloween decorations spider web
Photo Credit: Sean Egan (Facebook)

You can even cover the whole of your house with spider web as shown above. In addition, you can also put those giant spiders with it.

Skeleton Wedding Decor

skeleton wedding halloween decorations outdoor idea
Photo Credit: Crystal Fudalik (Facebook)

Skeleton wedding theme is unique decoration for lawn.

Pumpkin Arch Entryway

outdoor halloween decorations front yard 7
Photo credit: David Garrett (Facebook)

First, you need lots of plastic pumpkins for this project. You need to create a PVC pipe frame to attach those pumpkins. Anchor the PVC pipe to stonewall with a steel wire. Drill holes on pumpkins and attach each pumpkin to PVC pipe with zip ties.

What next?

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