21 Enchanted Fairy Gardens in a Pot: Fun DIY Projects for Kids

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Fairy gardens are truly magical. For me, they not only provide an escape from the chaotic world, but they also inspire my creative side.

Last spring, when I visited one of my friend’s homes, I saw a beautiful indoor fairy garden in a pot for the first time. I curiously asked her how she did it.

That sparked my creativity and, I decided to make a miniature garden for my kids.

fairy gardens pot kids 2p

Since then, I’ve made several enchanted fairy gardens based on different themes. I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve learned from her. 

In this post, I’ll walk you through what type of pots you need, the best plants and essential accessories to bring your miniature garden to life.

Plus, some inspiring DIY fairy garden ideas in pot.

Ready? Let’s jump right on!

fairy gardens pot kids 1
Photo Credit: Hanna Shirley Angeles (Facebook)

Behold an incredible fairy garden surrounded by vibrant succulents, with a black stone pathway leading to an adorable fairy house. A beautiful butterfly flutters by, adding even more charm to this magical scene.

Pink Theme Fairy Garden

fairy gardens pot kids 2
Photo Credit: Michele Kaaka Wik (Facebook)

In this enchanting fairy garden set against a lush green grass backdrop, a whimsical pathway of pink pebbles leads you to a tiny fairy house.

On the sides, tiny furniture made of wood slice and matching pink chair and table. Two fairies sits and enjoy a delightful picnic in this magical haven.

Wooden Barrel Fairy Container Garden

fairy gardens pot kids 5
Candice Sergi

Step into the enchantment of this delightful wooden barrel fairy container garden, featuring a stunning fairy house. The garden is beautifully adorned with stones and pebbles, and a whimsical unicorn figurine takes center stage.

fairy gardens pot kids 3
Photo Credit: Cassandra Lynn (Facebook)

What makes this garden unique is the magnificent fairy house, encircled by a kaleidoscope of vibrant flowers and charming tiny plants. Watch as a host of bunnies hop and play throughout this enchanting container fairy garden.

fairy gardens pot kids 4
Photo Credit: Heather M Richards (Facebook)

How to Create an Indoor Fairy Garden in a Pot

Setting up a fairy garden in a pot is a fun activity you can do it with kids. A fairy garden is all about your creativity and imagination. Feel free to add whatever accessories you like.

Before we dive into the tutorials, let’s discuss the pot or container.

There are a variety of containers to choose for your fairy garden. Start with a simple terracotta pot, a tray, or a galvanized tub.

Whatever pot you choose, just make sure it is a wide container and not too deep inside.

If you have a broken pot in your garden, it’s even better. You can transform it into a broken pot fairy garden. More on that later. Keep scrolling.

Fairy garden accessories for the project:

  • Get a tiny fairy house from Hobby Lobby in their garden section.
  • Get some succulents, fern, or bonsai from your local nursery.
  • Few moss
  • Fairy furniture – Table, chair or bench
  • Tiny mushrooms
  • Fairy figurine and gnomes
  • Bridge, and fences
  • Pond
  • Pebbles and gravels to make garden path
  • You can also go for Polymer clay accessories
fairy gardens pot kids 10 1
Photo Credit: Anna Belle (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 8
Photo Credit: Alison Webb (Facebook)

Directions to create a DIY fairy garden in a pot:

Take a pot. Fill the container with potting soil and level it properly.

Place the fairy house in your favorite spot and plant tiny trees on both sides of the house.

Then add a little moss around it. If you add tiny fences around the tress, it looks nice.

A mix of real plants and some artificial plants would be best.

Next, make a fairy pathway with some gravels and pebbles. If you’re making a beach-themed fairy garden, use blue pebbles and sand. You can also add stepping stones along the pathway.

On one side of the pathway, you can incorporate a pond or bubbling river. On the opposite side, you can install a miniature table, chair, or benches.

If you want, you can also add a bridge near the pathway.

In the empty spots, you can add tiny mushrooms, fairy plants, and succulents. 

And finally add fairy figurine, gnomes, and animals.

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Broken Pot Fairy Garden

fairy gardens pot kids 6
Photo Credit: Haley Mylius (Facebook)

Repurpose your broken pots and planter into a magical fairy garden. Using tiny accessories like mushrooms, gnomes and stepping stones you can create your broken pot masterpiece.

fairy gardens pot kids 7
Photo Credit: Heather M Richards (Facebook)

This adorable gnome garden made in two layers incorporating a gnome house, mushrooms and tiny plants.

Cute Succulent Fairy Garden Container

fairy gardens pot kids 9
Photo Credit: Hanna Shirley Angeles (Facebook)

Creating a fairy paradise in a pot is easy—just add colorful succulents and charming stones for a whimsical touch!

Themes for miniature garden:

  • Beach
  • Farm
  • Camping
  • Fairy village
  • Broken pot
  • Tiered fairy garden – 2, 3 tier, layered
  • Birdhouse
  • Woodland fairy garden
  • Gnome garden
  • Halloween fairy garden – pumpkin house, tomb stone, witches
fairy gardens pot kids 11
Photo Credit: Sharni Chan (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 12
Photo Credit: Juleah Doornbusch (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 13
Photo Credit: Leanne Gates (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 14
Photo Credit: Mandy Shaw (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 15
Photo Credit: Antonette Daniel (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 16
Photo Credit: Heather M Richards (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 17
Photo Credit: Debbie Krause Roberts (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 18
Photo Credit: Debbie Krause Roberts (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 19
Photo Credit: Debbie Krause Roberts (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 20
Photo Credit: Debbie Krause Roberts (Facebook)
fairy gardens pot kids 21
Photo Credit: Debbie Krause Roberts (Facebook)

What next?

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